Mileto Tech creates a win-win scenario transforming unused land into a profitable environment.



Founded in 2017, Mileto Tech established its initial base of operations in Hong Kong, a favorable environment for machines trading and mining property lease activities.

In 2019, the firm relocated its entire operations to Miami, Florida, taking advantage of the city’s geographic location as a hub to trade machines and blockchain solutions in Latin America. The relocation allowed the company to develop and refine its core mission; striving to be profitable while being sustainable. New technologies, market opportunities and geographic locations became a part of the company’s future.

In 2020, Mileto Tech Tierra del Fuego was born and the operations were moved to Rio Grande, Ushuaia, Argentina, to benefit from cold weather conditions in addition to clean and low energy prices. Today, Mileto Tech is a company specialized in Blockchain infrastructure, offering a full range of services from laboratory technology all the way to hosting and management services.

The company develops sustainable structures to run cryptocurrency mining and hash rate optimization processes efficiently and profitably.

Mileto Tech’s unique set-up of operations enables mining of cryptocurrencies with minimal environmental impact while producing heat for different plants in the coldest region of Argentina. The machines convert cold air into hot air, which is conducted into the various factories. Concurrently, the machines are safely cooled via filters. This unique process enables Mileto Tech to run its operations in an ecological and sustainable manner.

Currently, Mileto Tech has five plants distributed in different areas, owns over 3,000 machines (combination of S19, M32 and L3) and aims to have over ~ 15 MW by the end of 2022.

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