Mileto Tech has propelled an internal initiative to integrate a variety of clean energy storage methods and products to lower the data center’s carbon footprint, as well as optimize costs while improving power efficiency.

The combination of solutions selected will be tailored to Mileto Tech's specific needs and will enhance the company’s core competencies.

The team is developing a multipurpose portfolio of products which will include:

Virtualized servers

One physical server will have the capacity to host up to 20 virtualized servers. These will greatly reduce the need for large amounts of expensive hardware while increasing efficiency.

Solid-state drives (SSDs)

This product is energy-efficient and faster than mechanical hard disk drives.

A massive array of idle disks (Maid)

This system will only spin active drives and allow the company to cut down on energy use and prolong the drives’ shelf life.


This technique is designed to maximize storage efficiency. Data is matched by its importance to the most appropriate and cost-effective storage media. In this way, online data is moved from expensive, high-performance and power-hungry media to slower, high-capacity nearline storage as soon as operational constraints allow.

The application of these methods and products supports Mileto Tech's mission of sustainability and profitability.

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